[03.09.10] "Jamaican Nights" mit Chanta Crew & Bun Babylon Soundsystem @ Koyote privat

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    Friday 3.9.2010
    "Jamaican Nights" -every 1st friday of the month-
    Dancehall & Reggae to the fullest presented by the CHANTA CREW

    special guest: BUN BABYLON SOUNDSYSTEM

    On friday the 3rd of september the CHANTA CREW, also known as the -SOUND OF THE PEOPLE-, invites everybody who is addicted to sweet reggae-music to a very special edition of „Jamaican Nights“ @ Koyote. Coming outta the capital-city in Germany when it comes to reggae-music, Cologne, BUN BABYLON SOUNDSYSTEM will play their first show in Duesseldorf ever.
    Known for their strictly positive Vibes on the Turntables this Soundsystem is able to heat up the dancefloor quickly with some crazy tunes coming from the island of Jamaica & some very special customized dubplates. With the experience of sharing the stage with Reggaestars like Daddy Freddy, The Wailers or Fitta Warri and big Soundsystems like Freddy Krueger, Pow Pow Movement or G-Force Sound the audience can expect a crazy Soundsystem-Show that night with 2 crews ready to mash up the Koyote-Club.

    Start 22.00h

    @ Koyote-Music-Support
    Ratherstrasse 25
    40476 Düsseldorf/Derendorf
    transport: 701 till Ratherstrasse, 704 till Schlachthof, 707 & 715
    till Spichernplatz, 834 till Heinrich-Erhardt-Strasse



    The History of Bun Babylon Sound began in the Year 2001. Selecta Wicked, Don Hen and Hannibal-C-Lecta met each other at the German Sports University Cologne. All of them were infected by the Reggae Virus. One Year later they started to promote Reggae and Dancehall in public and in 2003 the Bun Babylon Soundsystem was founded. Gigs with national and international Artists like Eduardo, W.B.C., General Manu, Fitta Warri, Tolga, Andrew "Mr Summerjam" Murphy, Snagga Puss, Dr. Ring Ding, Daddy Freddy, The Wailers, Kimoe etc. and Sounds like More Fire Crew , 1 zu 1 Sound, Jaspora Sound, Ram Jam Sound, DJ Tobeyer, Surowa Wersja, Bushkilla Band, G-Force Sound, Backra and Markus, Pow Pow, Freddy Krueger etc. followed. Jamo Moja in 2008, Selecta Homegrown and last but not least MC Wupdy completed in 2009 the Sound. Bun Babylon Soundsystem loves Reggae Music and also plays Dancehall, Ska, Soca and Hip Hop.